Environmental Health Services

Protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Fulton County is the goal of the Fulton County Health Department. The Division of Environmental Health is responsible for the Food Sanitation; Private, Semi-Private, and Non-community Public Water Supplies; Private Sewage Disposal; Solid Waste and Recycling; Tanning Facilities; Body Art; Nuisance; Vector; Mobile Home Parks; and Bed and Breakfast Programs. For information on any of the programs of Environmental Health, call 309-647-1134, Extension 230.





Food Permits

Annual and temporary food permits, bake sale and cottage food information




Food Sanitation Classes/New Food Code Information

All food handlers in Illinois restaurants (who are not already Certified Food Service Sanitation Managers) are required to take a food handler training course by December 31, 2014. Classes for both food managers and food handlers are held at the Health Dept. See the following links for more information:




 Nuisance Complaints

Investigation, inspection, and abatement of public health nuisances that threaten the safety, health and well-being of an individual or the general population within the boundaries of Fulton County. Examples of nuisance issues include: the accumulation of trash or debris which results in the attraction of pests, unsafe open burning of refuse, overgrowth of noxious weeds, improper swimming pool maintenance which results in pest harborage, and the presence of dead animals. To make a complaint, call 309-647-1134, extension 230. Your name and contact information must be provided for our records, but will be kept confidential. NOTE: If the property in question is within city limits, it is under the jurisdiction of that city/town. In those cases, complaints should be directed to the city/town.


Electronics, paint, unused medications, and other recyclable items are accepted at the Health Dept. on Thursdays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. This service if offered free of charge for households in Fulton County. Items from businesses and other entities cannot be accepted. Businesses can call Tri-County Recycling at 309-331-4781 to arrange pickup of recyclables.

Recyclables are accepted at the 3-car garage in front of the Health Dept. If there is not an employee at the garage to log your items when you arrive, please check in at Room 100. DO NOT unload recyclables if Health Dept. staff are not available. If you cannot lift the item(s) you are recycling yourself, please bring someone with you to help. Health Dept. employees are not allowed to unload heavy items.

See the following links for items that can and cannot be accepted, and for specific instructions regarding medicines and batteries. No “stripped” items (e.g., those with cords or other components removed) can be accepted.

Well Testing and Permit 

Water well permit applications, well water test kits, contractor list. Well water test kits are available in our office for $20, which includes the cost of analysis for coliform bacteria and nitrates/nitrites.


Tanning Facility and Body Art Inspection

Annual inspection for state license. All permits are handled through the Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield.






Septic and Well Evaluations

Private sewage disposal systems and water wells located on property being sold in Fulton County must be evaluated by the Fulton County Health Department. This includes ALL wells, even if they are not used for drinking water. Wells that are not used are considered abandoned and must either be brought into operation or sealed under the supervision of the Health Dept.

Subdivision Plat Review

The owner/developer of any proposed subdivision that will be served by a private sewage disposal system and/or a water supply other than a public community water supply must submit a Plat Review Application provided by the Fulton County Health Department and a plat plan for each lot.

Solid Waste

Permits and inspections of solid waste haulers.

Solid Waste Quarterly Report Form 2015